Friday, August 26, 2016

A Time to Think Cool

Beginning in November 2017 both Silver Explorer and Silver Cloud  will be winding through the glacial waters of the White Continent.  The Silver Cloud Antarctica launch in November of 2017, will be the most luxurious ship in expedition cruising.

After an extensive refurbishment, Silver Cloud will boast more dining options (five) than any other ice-class ship, the highest service and space ratios, and 18 new state-of-the-art Zodiacs - the perfect platform for viewing the amazing icescapes and wildlife of the White Continent.  She is designed to capture the magnificent scenery with panoramic public rooms, broad decks and ocean-view suites with butler service.  

The Silver Cloud can carry up to 260 guests, but when in Antarctica she will only carry a maximum of 200 guests.  That's important to note since the number of landings permitted in this fragile environment are limited.  Onboard activities include lectures, briefings, recaps, and discussion groups.

To set foot on the continent of Antarctica is the journey of a lifetime.  Revel in the awe-inspiring beauty and overwhelming power of nature as you admire the profusion of wildlife and meet the personal challenge of reaching the Earth's last great wilderness frontier. 

To guarantee you stay warm...Silversea  provides you with a complimentary down-filled parka and backpack. 

Eager to make plans for December, 2016, the Silver Explorer has limited space available.  The Captain promises to provide spectacular views.